• Biz-Stuff 71
    so encouraging read about real life situations of how creatively answers prayers!
    -- Felicia
    Biz-Principle 75
    I Prayed for the courage to have a major shoulder surgery knowing that any time away from work would be unpaid. Due to the severity of my injury the orthopedic surgeon estimated I would not return to my work for eight, possibly twelve weeks.I asked the surgical team to pray with me prior to going under anesthesia. I asked for God to use each of them as a testimony of His Healing power – that my recovery would be a modern sign of wonder – that it would be undeniable God at work.During my post surgery unpaid time-off, God sent me two new clients for my education therapy service. I hadn’t had a client for the previous six months.And not only was I cleared to return to work only three WEEKS later, my employer transferred me into a new role with expanded responsibility and organizational-relational impact!
    -- EDJ
    Biz-Story 15
    Well stated. Jesus was a recruiter as was Nehemiah, great models to emulate
    -- Jacqueline
    Biz-Stuff 14
    Being in this industry, the question is really “how are you being tracked?”. Let me count the ways… Do you have Google Maps installed on your phone? Even if you are not using it, Google is tracking your movements at all times. Same with Apple maps. Use LinkedIn? What a “convenience ” that it accesses your contacts database to find people you know to connect you to. Ditto for Facebook. GoogleNow conveniently mines all your data to offer you helpful info like directions to the next destination in your calendar. There are definitely useful aspects to some of these apps, but they are susceptible to privacy abuse and Apple, Google and Samsung have already been proven to gather data without permission and datamine it. Never mind the fact that they also have to provide all this personal data to the government upon request. It can be ok to use these apps, but people should be aware of the implications and consequences before installing them.
    -- Manuel
    Biz-Book 6
    He gives an answer of peace. The Prince of Peace. Through the government of peace. And then righteousness and peace kiss.
    -- Joseph Gonzales

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